Yoga Anyone?

For years I’ve been struggling to become a disciplined yoga practitioner. Everyday I wake up at 6am and head down to my favorite yoga studio. For the next hour I work on stretching my body and focusing my mind before heading off to my high stress corporate cubicle.

As a white male cubicle dweller, my job requires me to be on my toes at all times. A mistake with a bullet point on a power point presentation could cost me years of pointless emails, conference calls, and corporate synergistic team building get aways – not to mention working weekends. So, I’m sure you can understand the importance of a sharp mind as I ascend the corporate latter.


Unfortunately my morning focus kept being interrupted as other disruptive people in my yoga class would often loose their focus. As I’d bend my body into downward dog, I’d hear someone gagging behind me. We’d start to transition into child’s pose, and I’d hear people gasping for air. Then one day as I moved into plough pose, a young lady sitting next to me threw up.

With vomit on her clothes and tears in her eyes, she begged the yoga master… please, make him go away. After class the yoga master looked me square in the eyes, smacked me across the face, and said, “You’ll never find peace when your world smells like poo.” As my lower lip quivered and I fought back the tears I asked, “Master please help me.”

Rejected and confused I stopped going to yoga class. I lost my focus at work and nearly my job. Coworkers started complaining about the odors, and I was moved from the cubicle city into the warehouse. My world was crumbling around me.

And then, like a gift from above, I received an anonymous gift. An anonymous gift that changed my life. I opened the box and there it was, The Commando Clean!!!

Thank you kind soul, you saved my life!!!

Today, I continue your good will and pay it forward – I’m sending an anonymous gift to my yoga master.