Junior High Gym Class

My name is Douglas Thurman and this is my Commando Clean story.


As an eighth graders at Norman Beacon Junior High School, I often find myself bullied and ridiculed by my classmates. So I find myself going to extreme measures in order to avoid any unwanted attention.

Last semester one of my worst nightmares nearly came true. After gym class, Derrick Jones came looking for trouble in the dressing room. As I heard my name ring out I hardly had time to think about what to do. I grabbed the first thing in sight, and stuffed my poo stained tighty whities inside.

Unfortunately for me, I forgot where I stuffed my tighty whities. Later that night my mother found my secret stash inside of my lunchbox. Luckily for me, my mother had suffered the same type of bullying as a child. As I wept in her arms she said, ” Son, it’s time you become a Commando.”

Three days later I received an early birthday present, The Commando Clean. Commando Clean saved my life. Thank you Commando Clean!!!