WARNING : Please devote 5mins to complete the installation.


Key Components:

control_valve_base control_valve fitting tool
Control Valve Base Control Valve Water Supply Fitting Provided Tool


Optional Components:

optional-fitting optional-suction-cup-adhesive-pads optional-seat-spacer
Water Supply Fitting Suction Cup
Adhesive Pads
Toilet Seat Spacers


STEP 1: Connect the Water Supply

a) Turn off the water and disconnect the outlet line from the shutoff valve.


b) Hand tighten the water supply fitting onto the shutoff valve.


c) Attach the outlet line to the water supply fitting.



STEP 2: Install the Control Valve

a) Clean and dry the suction cup and side of the toilet. Attach the suction cup to the side of the toilet.


b) Attach the base of the Control Valve with the slots facing up and down. Lightly tighten the nut.


c) Attach the supply line to the water supply fitting using the provided tool.

step2b2    step2b3

d) Press the Control Valve into the Control Valve Base.



STEP 3: Install the Nozzle

a) Clean and dry the suction cups and the base of the toilet seat. Feed the nozzle supply line under the seat and press down to secure the suction cups.


b) Attach the supply line to the control valve using the provided tool.